Maleny Bird Park and Botanic Gardens

Pirate J. and his first mate.

"what is all the commotion about? I am colourful too!"

Pineapples on the menu.
"would you like some?"...

Gardens and ponds.


Button stealing bird!

Beautiful views.

Clay Miniatures

The Owlettes.

Mini mushrooms.

Lady of the Opera.

Out for a stroll.

A little forest dwelling.

(I am having fun with clay, watercolour and forest finds)

Christmas Party Time

During the week we hosted a Christmas party for some friends.
Great people, sharing food and being crafty.
Recipe for fun.

Fun Doodle Tales

A very talented friend has just written and illustrated this fun book for children.
It is part colour in, part story writing book, with loads of humour. 
A very entertaining and clever book indeed.
Check it out here...

NSW Christmas Bush

This year I wanted a tree that I could plant in the garden after 
The NSW Christmas Tree was my choice.

School Holidays

School has finished for 2016.

Iced Chocolates to celebrate.

Plenty of beach trips.

Gelato perhaps.

Summer has been here for sometime. 
Now we have a bit more time to enjoy the outdoors,
before it gets too hot.

First Aid Role Play

The final first Aid for 2016.
A role play of real life situations.
What do you do?


Another year of Gymnastics has come to an end.
More skills learned, more strength gained.

2016 Music Concert

This year at the Hamburger Production Music concert, 
the boys played a solo each and another group piece.
Jarrod worked with his teacher to put together a piano movie medley.
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park to name a few.
Harrison played a blues guitar piece.
Always an experience to take part in such a large production.

Colour in Jigsaw

This is what we have been working on...
a colour in jigsaw.
Excruciating at times, but very rewarding.

2016 School Awards Night

The boys had a busy year in Year 8 and year 5,
plus all our extra curricula activities.
Not all easy, but long hours paid off in the end.
They were very proud and highly motivated by receiving
awards for highest marks for their year level.

Jarrod for Maths, English and Science.

Harrison for Maths and English.

The acknowledgement for their hard work is appreciated and valued by all of us.
Hmmmm where is my medal?
I need to work harder obviously.