Board games and Model planes

This is the latest board game we are all into playing,
although it has been around for years.

For his birthday J received some Spitfire model aircraft packs.
He is really enjoying putting them together and is now ready to paint them.

Happy 13th

Last month J turned 13.
We celebrated with friends and an outdoor movie night.
The grass was littered with movie goers at dusk.
We ate, got settled in with our popcorn and watched two movies
(one of which was the old classic Singing in the rain)

J had a great night with lovely people.

We are thankful for the last 13 years and all
the wonderful experiences that are ahead.

Hand Weaving

I am trying out some hand weaving.

Walks down Hastings St

It is always nice to take a stroll, check out the new shops and get a Gelato on Hastings Street.

Back to the Beach

Brazilian style BBQ

The new fad.
Cooking with coals in the pizza oven.

Maths Fair

After the success of the science fair, it was suggested we have a math fair.
So we did.

H discussed the cube and all things cube like including origami.

J spoke about algebra.

It was great to have such a variety of topics and differing levels.
Ultimately it was about having fun.

Busy Beavers

We have had so many activities on that I never have the time to grab the camera of late.
Luckily we do DE otherwise we would never find the time to just play.
Science clubs, book clubs, gymnastics clubs, art lessons, dance classes,
music classes...

But in between there is always time to make up a game or two.