Hugging Trees

Meet Mozart

This is Mozart, so called because J was playing Mozart on the piano when he dropped in on us.
He was not able to fly very high but managed to waddle over into our yard this afternoon(after the barking guard dog was restrained with dog treats) and he quickly made friends with the boys. 
Mozart really likes blue thongs and eating seeds from hands. 
He followed us around, so we figured he was not going to go back to where he came from (and may get harassed by the noisy guard dog again if he did) so we put him in a cosy box until the wildlife officer arrived.
The boys decided he was a cockatiel, which are not local to this area, so this bird must be a pet gone awol.
We enjoyed our visitor today...who will it be next?

Historic Apollonian Hotel

 Whilst visiting Boreen Point, we spotted this lovely old (1860's) Hotel and had to have a look.
It was too early for lunch unfortunately, but with the piano playing and the old cattle dog at the entry, we had to have a look around.

Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly

The boys spotted this lovely butterfly on the pavement (at the end of his life unfortunately) and decided to keep him for a while to admire his beauty.
This butterfly lives for 4 evenings I believe and can be found in the treetops in QLD.

Floating Land

 We visited the Floating Land festival at Boreen Point this weekend and had a walk along the lake to admire the creativity of the artwork.

World Environment Day at USC

This weekend we visited the University of The Sunshine Coast for a different learning experience. And we got to take home more than knowledge... seeds and plants and information booklets too.
 There were many stands with information on basically looking after our environment and things to do with recycling, energy, crafts etc etc.
 Clay insect making and recycled instruments, plus much more.

The boys got to make their own banana smoothie...with pedal power! After drinking the smoothie we used our cups to plant seedlings, including kale and nasturtiums.

It was a bit cool and rainy, but we definite thought it was worth the trip to get lots of information for our new project.

In the Last Few Weeks

Our weeks are fairly busy now that we have joined a Gym Class. Along with Piano lessons and Science Club and the monthly Activity day and other outings, we are kept busy trying new things and meeting new people, but not much room for anything else (if we want to get our school work done).
Gymnastics has been great for building up strength and lots of fun if you like bouncing into foam pits!