Miraculous Mushrooms

These tall but delicate specimens are randomly wandering on tip toes through our grassy meadow.
It is miraculous how they just pop up suddenly... a painting waiting to happen.

Huntsman in Hiding

This grey huntsman spider is outside hiding from the rain and wind. 
It is very large about the size of my hand when legs are outstretched.
Back to the bush my friend!

Yandina Markets

To market to market...
Yandina markets are on saturday mornings and are great if you are looking for plants or old tools and some other second hand odds and ends (books included), but not all the produce is local farmer grown or organic. Some is, but best to ask where the produce comes from and whether chemicals are used if you are that way inclined. 
Noosa Farmers Market on sunday is best for local grown and organic produce.

 There is a nice Organic/gluten free cafe in Yandina, which also has bits and pieces inside and some old books for the kids to read.

A sunny day before the rains came again.

Art This Week- Line Drawing The Scream

 by J.
This week we looked at a famous piece of art and broke it down into white lines on black card, making patterns and shapes.
This was building on the basic concept we had discussed that art is made up of lines on paper... straight lines, wavy lines, thick and thin lines, short and long lines.
At first the boys were asked to look at the composition of the painting. 
What was it about? Do you like it? How does it make you feel? Why is he screaming? 
Because the boys had heard me discuss Krakatoa erupting earlier, they said the screaming was because of that, but I also discussed that Munch may have been expressing his emotions and that he had a troubled childhood.
I asked more questions... how has the Artist used different techniques to tell a story?, what effects do these colours have? do the lines create movement? 
The term "Expressionism" was introduced and related to our study on Van Gogh and Post Impressionism.
We all agreed that the "screamer" stood out i the painting because it was centre front and because the artist had used unexpected/distorted/exaggerated shapes.

Some of the terms/ideas that were discussed-
-contour lines
-colour scheme

It was a short lesson but we covered some of the main ideas and introduced a new art movement.

 The Scream by Edvard Munch
by H.

Rainy Days in QLD

 Rainy days are here again, which is nice because everything is healthy and green.
On the not so nice side, we woke up to water dripping down our bedroom wall (not so good in a new house I suspect).
However, rainy days do force us to stop and slow down, no rushing about, stay inside and read a good book or slow down our thinking and be creative.
Or just watch the rain fall.

Juice Pulp-Don't Throw it Away!

 This is the juice from todays vegetable juice (carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach,ginger, lime, green apple) YUM, and this is the pulp...
The pulp we get from our cold press juicer is very dry and crushed small (unlike our old juicer), therefore it can be used in many, many ways, so we don't throw it away (unlike our old juicer). It is good fibre after all.
I have tried using it in the following ways, all being successful!
-adding it to a banana/carrot cake/muffin mix
-adding it to a meatball mix
-adding it to vegetable soup for thickening
-feeding it to the dog (he loves it)
This weekend we made apple muffins using the apple pulp only.
Next we may try a vegetable quiche.
When we have a large garden we will compost it also.

This salad was absolutely wonderful, the best use of pulp yet!

Vegetable Pulp Salad - use a variety of baby spinach/lettuce and sprinkle over some of the beetroot,carrot and celery pulp mixed with some organic seeds for crunch. Add some marinated goats feta and some shavings of parmesan. Then drizzle over a small amount of french honey mustard,lemon and olive oil dressing and enjoy!

There are so many uses for this by-product of our daily juice, we have only just begun discovering.
It is also a good feeling not having to waste any healthy food if we can avoid it.

Green Magazine

 I found this magazine recently and really enjoy all the content in it. 
The story about why we should eat less meat is very interesting to say the least and not what I expected to read.
I am especially interested in sprouting, so this poster was quite useful, as is the calendar on the back.
A good value magazine.

Fresh Turmeric

Turmeric has many health benefits, so when I found this lovely organic market stall at Eumundi markets selling fresh, local grown turmeric, ginger and garlic...I grabbed some.
It is used by simply grating it into your cooking or at the end is better apparently. Soups, curries, meat dishes, stirfry etc. 
When the market man said it stains...
he was right! 
This is bright yellow and takes a few days to come off (don't wear white!).
Great for natural fabric dyeing, will try that soon also.
Can we grow some ourselves now?

Wire Heart Note Holder

 5 minutes, some wire, an eraser and a note is all that is needed here.
Fold the wire into any shape, three times, slightly larger each time and twist the bottom tightly and pop it in the rubber or wood if you prefer a longer lasting note holder.
A wooden peg attached to stronger wire in a timber foot is also an easy note holder, but this is in the Valentines theme of things (not that we celebrate Valentines Day as such).
A surprise on the desk for a special someone!

Art Lesson - Sketching a Portrait

 Self Portrait by H.
 Our Art Lesson this week utilised the camera and Photoshop.
I wanted to help the boys look for "main lines" when drawing faces (or anything) so in order to do that I showed them how the Photoshop program can reduce a photograph to some basic outlines. 
After I printed the adjusted photos I then asked the boys to copy the main lines (freehand) on to their own paper and use all the other techniques they remembered about sketching (distances between lines, dividing the page up into quarters etc) to complete their portrait.
After a few minor adjustments they had finished.
Other things they realised along the journey were-
-which way hair grows on different parts of the body
-eyes that are closer are larger
-a portrait is really just a combination of lines and shapes to varying degrees of detail
Self Portrait by J.

Cotton Crochet Shopping Bag

Another cotton crochet shopping bag, this time a few changes, next time I might try something totally different.

Red Frangipani

Our first ever red Frangipani...LOVE IT!

Paper Planes with Names

Paper planes have been given names and gradings depending on how far and fast they fly.

The Tomato Rock Guards

 H has made some "rock guards" for our tomato plants...they might scare off the grasshoppers?
This one above looks like he would rather discuss the pros and cons of eating tomatoes.

From a market tomato we ate, then saved the seeds, then planted, and then repotted. Can't wait for some juicy heirloom tomatoes!

Operation Stop The Grasshoppers

 Here are the culprits that are eating all of our basil plants.
The pretty green little monster on the left has just about eaten its way through three basil plants. Our new friend (not) on the right (The vegetable grasshopper) is a crazy looking critter and doing just as much damage.
How to stop them? Pick them off it seems or...
 it seems our dog fancies eating grasshoppers, so we may have found our solution!
They are not getting near our first lemon that is for sure!

Mini Miners

I do recall enjoying playing with cars in the dirt.

Cool Pool

 We spent a few hours in the pool at the Marriott Surfers Paradise. It is a great pool! Saltwater, no chemicals, warm with a sand and rock bottom, waterfalls and living FISH! Definitely worth going back to some day, the boys loved it.
The fish feeding is at 9.30 which we forgot about, there is also a slide in a second pool, caves and plenty of comfy places to relax with a fresh juice.

Crochet Necklace

A few button up cotton necklaces.
Perhaps to dress up a plain singlet dress or T shirt.
I used the pattern from The Making Spot.