Doctor Theme Gift Bag

A present for a friend who is interested in all things medical, so we got some relevant biology based presents and I made a few things to embellish this plain white bag...

Smurfs - They are back!

The boys really like these little Smurfs and their cute house.

Handmade Space Ranger Walkie Talkies

 I made two for the boys to play with today. H and I actually went all over the Universe, having a conversation and blasting off after pressing the rocket button.

Ice cream tubs make good space hats don't you know.

Modern Minimalist Box House Design

 The boys decided to make a house and decorate the inside. Simple box fun.

Cardboard Box Plane

Today amongst packing boxes I made this little plane for the birthday boy and upcoming 4th Birthday party.

 I might add a few touches here and there.
I used a medium sized box, a stanley knife and packing tape, although the front will be secured on by something else a bit stronger for the party.
We even have a pilot bear!
Instructions (briefly)- The main fuselage is made from one box and tail wing etc made from other bits and pieces.
First open one end of box, which will be the bottom, then tape the edges together. 
The other end of the box which is on top and closed will be cut into the shape of the wings, one for each side (tape them on).
Cut out a round circle for the front and long strip to match, which you tape onto the circle and fuselage.
Make the propeller and glue or connect in one way or the other.
Cut out a tail piece and slide into a small opening in back of box (a tight squeeze is good) then tape. Add horizontal flap on back tail.
That is it ...I think?

Vintage Flying Party - Decorations

 Some old blocks I glued some map paper to.
 I found a paper mache number 4 at Spotlight and glued some vintage map wrapping paper on it.
I also cut out and laminated some maps for placemats (on the reverse are instructions for a paper plane glider).
I cut out a plane shape which I printed on Tshirt transfer paper to use for Hs birthday shirt.

Collecting all the maps, globes and planes we have to use for decorations.
You can see the party invite here.

Birthday Present From Nana Margie and Koro

H pretending to do some work, collecting things in his birthday bag with his new work vest on.
Thanks Nana and Koro.

Rewards Day

We decided on mini golf and lunch in place of Dreamworld for our special excursion...
 Miso soup and gelati were the favourites.

J decided on the dinosaur course.
Today was not the best day to play inside a shed with no air conditioning and me not feeling well, however the boys had fun and Nanny won the 18 holes!

Plane Party - Painting Paper Planes

Using recycled paper and water paints, we washed over some paper and folded some paper planes for the upcoming party.
We also tested each one!

More rainy day play

Cars, monopoly, Uno, snakes and ladders, drawing, trains, painting.

The Garage Sale

 Today we got up early and had a sale from the garage (literally because it was raining).
Not the best day for a sale but the boys got a little money to put towards a donation for the Earthquake Appeal.
We also had a lovely visit from friends in Perth, so a cake was needed of course. This one is a lemon and almond gluten free cake with a lemon glaze...
 Once the afternoon and heavier rain had set in we had time to relax and watch a little tv.

The Letter Men

Back after a busy week of illness and other things.

Morning Tea with Friends

Today we spent a lovely day with friends. We played and chatted and ate and enjoyed the lovely company. Thankyou all for coming to visit!
I quickly made up a little toadstool to decorate the table and had some masks, feathers and glitter glue to do some crafting with.

Caramel brownie pops and brown sugar, raspberry cream mini cakes (which were quite dense I think I prefer the normal fluffy cupcakes)

A blueberry almond gluten free cake with orange syrup and some finger sandwiches...with an egg and tomato toadstool.

J was looking forward to the visit and H did some lovely drawings for the girls...

We also did some watercolour painting in the Dick and Jane books before lunch.

 What a pleasant way to spend the day...with lovely people!

Letterland Word Tree

I have words in many places at the moment, a set of magnetic ones on the fridge, lists in the playroom, cards in the desk and now Letterland words on our tree.
The more words the merrier we all will be.

The Pasta King

Every other night when I ask the boys what they would like for dinner, H always says "sushi or PASTA!"
He loves all kinds of pasta, he is the pasta king of the house.

Paper Scrunchy Monster

Some craft we did after finding some old crepe paper.